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What is the Average Use Time of Wooden Pallets?

Mar. 22, 2021


As a Wood Beams Supplier, share with you.

The average use time of wooden pallets is about 3-5 years. For products that are constantly carrying heavy objects, this is certainly not a short life. However, we know that the goal of every supply chain manager is to increase the use time of pallets and employees who handle pallets every day. Because the longer the service life of the pallet means the less cost on the pallet. We will share the skills of how to increase the duration of the pallet and reuse it to obtain a cost-effective pallet solution.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Most wooden pallets are damaged due to human error and constant need for work. By training employees on how to properly load and manage pallets, you can reduce pallet damage, which will help increase the life of wooden pallets. Here are some easy-to-remember skills to share with your employees. Reduce pushing and dragging the tray on the tray. The pallet is designed to be picked up during transportation. Align the forklift carefully to reduce damage to the lead plate of the pallet. Put the pallet truck and forklift forks before. Do not step on the pallet. If you have to step on the pallet, you can only pass through the stopper or the stringer plate. Never stack pallets over four to six feet high. This makes them easy to handle and can reduce them from tipping over and causing damage. Stack pallets uniformly. The stack is unlikely to tip over. Don't put the tray next to them. They can easily tip over and cause damage to the pallet. Pallets usually exceed their weight capacity, which can cause them to warp or crack, weaken the overall strength of the pallet and shorten its lifespan. To reduce the possibility of damage, employees understand the load capacity of the pallet.

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