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  • Formwork H20 Timber Beam
  • Formwork H20 Timber Beam
  • Formwork H20 Timber Beam

Formwork H20 Timber Beam

Wooden beam for formwork, consisting of an upper and lower wing and featuring a central section consisting of three layers. The union is designed as a notched and glued joint.
Product Description


Dimensions standards: mm 80 x 200 x 2450/2900/3300/3600/3900/4200/4900/5900

The H20 Timber beams and Plywood, now available with plastic protection (protective cap) represents the natural construction tool in the shuttering process. Entirely made of massive wood in a totally mechanised way, our beam is handy, strong and versatile. It can be used both as primary beam, both as secondary beam in the realisation of concrete roofs, both as support in wallmaking shuttering systems. In combination with our shuttering board , the beam constitutes a complete shuttering system finding its main usage in the realisation of any type of concrete roof.


Dimensional stability;

Lightness and handiness;

High resistance to athmospheric agents;

Long durability thanks to high quality glueing;

Saving on time and cost of manufacturing;

Large range of usages;

Easy disposability;

Protection from accidents thanks to round edges.

H20 FROMWROK BEAM (3).jpgH20 BEAM (3).jpgH20 BEAM (3).jpgH20 BEAM (3).jpgH20 BEAM (3).jpg