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What are the Two Major Issues to Pay Attention to When Purchasing Wooden Pallets?

Oct. 29, 2020


Wooden pallets can provide convenience for our work and life. As a medium, it can solve the problems of loading, stacking, handling and transportation of goods, so there is market demand, but when you buy wooden pallets, have you considered in advance. What are the problems? As a Structural Wood Beams Manufacturer, share with you.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

(1) Load-bearing choice of wooden pallets: Generally, the load-bearing capacity of pallets is something everyone is concerned about. If the load-bearing capacity of the pallet is not well controlled, this will directly affect the normal progress of the packaging work. If it is used on a shelf, you must pay attention to the difference between dynamic load and overhead load. The national standard for deflection is 30mm, but this standard is obviously wider. When we simply use it on the shelf, the deflection should not exceed 20mm. If it is an automatic stereo library, this requirement is more stringent.

(2) The use of wooden pallets in cold storage: We often find that pallets become brittle in the use of cold storage, and we need to pay attention at this time. Then it is necessary to reduce the service life of recycled material pallets; hollow blow-molded pallets are more suitable for use in the chemical industry; solid wood pallets are lower in long-term cost than ordinary pallets.

In addition to forklifts, pallets should also be designed to consider the cargo they carry, such as product type, sinkability, weight, unit volume, stacking conditions, etc.; at the same time, they must also adapt to shelf conditions, such as shelf type, shelf load, handling direction, and placement Orientation, placement layout, etc. The use of pallets can be basically divided into pallet use, stacking and shelf use in the static state, and their load-bearing requirements increase sequentially.

Because wood has the characteristics of low price, easy processing, strong adaptability and repairability, it is adopted by most users. Wooden pallets are the most traditional and popular type of pallets. In addition, because wood is a natural material, its quality is affected by various aspects such as regional weather. Even if it is a unified batch of raw materials, it is difficult to reach the same scale in terms of dry humidity and wind cracking. The load-bearing capacity of the pallet is reflected in three aspects: static load, dynamic load and shelf load. The load-bearing index of the unified pallet decreases successively in these three aspects.

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