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What are the Key Points for Choosing Plywood?

Oct. 14, 2020


As a Plywood Thickness Supplier, share with you.

Selection points

1) Choose plywood of different types, grades, materials, decorations and widths according to the nature of the project, the location of use, environmental conditions and other factors.

2) The decoration should use precious wood sliced veneer veneer.

3) The plywood used in the interior decoration of the building should meet the requirements.

4) Concealed parts that may be dampened and occasions with high waterproof requirements should consider using Type I or Type II plywood. Outdoor plywood should use Type I plywood.

5) Panel decoration needs to use transparent varnish (also known as clear oil) to retain the natural color and texture of the wood surface. The choice of panel material, pattern and color should be emphasized; if the pattern and color of the panel do not need to be considered, it should also be reasonable according to the environment and cost Use plywood grade and category.

Finishing Birch Plywood

Finishing Birch Plywood


In the production of plywood, many varieties of patterns and colors are derived. The most important one is to paste a thin layer of decorative veneer veneer on the original plywood surface, which is called decorative veneer veneer, which is referred to as decoration in the market. Board or veneer.

It is worth noting that common veneers are divided into natural wood veneer veneers and artificial veneer veneers. Natural wood veneer is a veneer veneer made of precious natural wood through slice or rotary cutting processing methods. Artificial veneer is made into veneer using relatively low-priced logs, which are glued and pressed into a wooden square, and then sliced into a decorative veneer with beautiful patterns.

Normally, the veneers attached to natural wood veneer veneer panels are often well-patterned and expensive tree species, such as cypress, oak, rosewood, ash, etc. However, it should be stated in the name of the product, such as "Cypress veneer plywood", or "Manchurian ash plywood", or "cherry wood veneer". "Veneer", "slice" and "veneer" in several terms all reflect the basic characteristics of "veneer". However, the abbreviations such as cypress plywood and ash three plywood cannot be used, because these abbreviations refer to plywood panels and bottom plates are made of cypress or ash.

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