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Veneer MDF

Natural Fancy Veneer MDF
Product Description

Natural Fancy Veneer MDF

Product Name

Natural Fancy Veneer MDF


1220*2440mm or other size as per customer's request



Core Material


Face Veneer

Ash,Teak,Red Oak,Beech,Engineered Veneer,etc.



Surface Treatment

1 Face,2 Face

Glue Type



Furniture and Decoration


1*20ft Container

veneer mdf factory (1).jpg

Factory production

Veneer Mdf board production line

veneer mdf factory (1).jpgveneer mdf factory (1).jpgveneer mdf factory (1).jpgveneer mdf factory (1).jpg

MDF with Heavy Weight

MDF with Heavy Weight

Good raw materials selected for making MDF. And each board can be made as per your density request.

Take 15mm MDF for example,it has a density of more than 680kgs per cubic meter.

mdf packing (2).jpg

Red Oak Face.MDF

Flower line wood shapes to make the high quality board.

Red Oak is very popular and we have other wood species such as Ash,Beech,Teak and etc.

Surface Treatment. MDF

Can be made 1 face or 2 faces as per customer's request. AAA grade,AA grade,A grade.

We supply what you really need!

Packing & Delivery

Packing & Delivery

Packing details: All four sides are covered with 4.00mm thickness flat and strong plywood board. 

Top and bottom are covered with plywood board with more than 4.00mm.

Steel straps are used for strengthening bundling.

Delivery details: 10 - 20 days after receipt of advanced payment

mdf packing (2).jpgmdf packing (2).jpgmdf packing (2).jpgmdf packing (2).jpg